Frequently asked questions

Joining courses.

Trade Speakeasy courses will start every quarter with a limited number of spaces available, this will allow students to start each course with a group of like minded students and form smaller strategy groups to discuss individual trade plans, strategies, market observations, and the like.

How much time will it take?  

Each course has an open syllabus which includes the number of currently available videos, though every group will have ever expanding course material and learning materials. Trading is not a static skill, though you can become a proficient trader with strong trade management and few of you prefered strategies, it is advisable that traders remain flexible to changing markets. Therefore the course material will be always expanding with new data as changes occure that are relevant to the skills of the individual courses.
Each course takes 2-3 months and is supported with a weekly Q/A Zoom calls for current students; and we recommend at least 2 month of simulated trading before trading live.

How can I choose my courses?

Trade Speakeasy Jade Lizard Room is the perfect starting point for those with some trading experience looking to ease their journey in options, analysing foundational trade strategies, the options greek and the fundamental aspects of options entries and exits. 

Trade Speakeasy Dragonfly Room
is the perfect starting point for those who are confident with the options basics, long and short calls and puts, straddles, strangles and their variations. This room will take a deep dive into Credit and Debit Spreads, both in the money and out the money, as well as Iron Condors and the Iron Butterfly.

Trade Speakeasy Butterfly Room
will take your trading agility to the next level. Covering short and long butterflies, broken wing and uneven butterflies, as well as Reverse Iron Butterflies. In this course we also take a deeper dive into the greeks, and rolling strategies for compounding your profits.

Trade Speakeasy Peacock Room will take you into the world of time spreads, accessing calendar, diagonal, backration and ratio spreads to allow you to increase your profits on all the previous strategies by finessing the target on each leg of your multi leg options strategies. 

Trade Speakeasy Fibonacci Room
for those who are already active traders but would like to finesse their technical trading. The course will give you an introduction to the world of indicators, their individual purposes, and the background on their development and functionality. Understanding the purpose and goal of a variety of indicators will allow you to have a more robust understanding of why their developers created them. 

Trade Speakeasy Firefly Room will advance your charting skills, and ability to read candlestick patterns and related indicators that support continuation or reversal trends on your underlyings, and for the global markets effect and relate to the current markets. 

How long until you're trading like a Speakeasy Trader?

Those who have had some trading experience find within a few weeks they're able to begin adding new tools to their trading toolkit. For those who have never traded in the stock market will need a month or two to become acquainted with the new vocabulary, and platform, and once they've completed the introductory materials and have traded for at least 2 months in their SIM account, they'll be able to confidently move into the art of live trading with manageable and risk appropriate trading.

Every country has their own regulations and you will need to know which local or regional platforms are most suitable for your needs. All the skills taught here can be used on any platform and all the technical skills are useful for trading any instrument. You can trade from anywhere you have a good internet connection (though you may be using a unique platform depending on your country of citizenship). Most of our students are trading the European and US markets, but some are also trading the Asian open. Our expertise is focused on equities and optionable underlyings, however the world of trading has advanced so rapidly over the years you can no even trade options on futures, and some of our futures focused traders utilize our array of options strategies in the futures market.

Our trading techniques are universal, and we use them in all tradable markets including Asian, European and US markets.

What's different with Trade Speakeasy?

All of traders began trading with small accounts, and all of our trader maintain 1 small personal account to make sure we are offering relevant market data for those who are trading more conservative or risky, or those who’s smaller accounts may cause them to sense market changes and volatility more poignantly than those with larger accounts.

We are traders who believe it is not necessary to blow through accounts or capital while learning, we teach robust risk management strategies so that our traders can avoid the ‘right of passage’. Sound risk management for the newer or more long term trader should be sound management skills for all.

All of our teachers have been successful traders while working full time, and having young children and families to care for. Our strategies are not developed so your computer is glued to your side, we offer a diversity of trading systems that fit around you schedule. Some more profitable than others, but strategies that protect the home life balance that is often ignored by many trading systems.