7-Day Free Trial FAQs

Get clarity on our 7-Day Free Trial Offer
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How long is the trial period?

The trial period lasts for 7 days. This 7-day free trial offer is available until the end of 2023. Afterward, there will no longer be a trial period.

During the trial period, do we only get access to limited channels and offerings?

During the trial period, you get access to the entire Discord, including all the channels that are part of it.

What does a live Discord trading offering include or look like?

We offer live trading twice a week through voice on Discord. We provide advance notice of the days we'll go live, discussing our trades, what we're observing, and our setups for the day.

What trading strategies does your team most focus on or specialize in? For example, scalping trades, swing trades, all of the above...

We focus on three types of trades. In our active section, we specialize in momentum trading. We also engage in swing trades, providing detailed information when price crosses specific support and resistance levels. Additionally, in the platinum section, we offer multi-leg options strategies, such as spreads and butterflies, typically held for multiple days, functioning more like swing trades.

What platforms do you guys recommend or use for trading? (For example, I use TOS; it seems like it doesn’t matter - but I’m still curious)

We don't have a platform preference. Most of our members use TD Ameritrade's ThinkorSwim, E*TRADE, Robinhood, or Interactive Brokers. However, we commonly share screenshots from ThinkorSwim.

How do you guys advise/suggest members to prepare for the week?

In the Discord, we have a Q&A section and a market talk section where the Trade Speakeasy Discord Team is quite active. Any questions receive prompt responses, except during the first two hours of market open when we're busy trading. Urgent questions about ongoing trades are an exception. The community is active, and if someone knows the answer, they often respond promptly.