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Peacock Room - OPTIONS 301

Perfecting the ratio and time spread of your options strategies to mitigate risk and increase profitability.


Starting date

June 2022


4 weeks
16 Hours



The world of ratio and time

Improving the performance of your multi-leg options strategies

This course aims to increase the profitability of each implimented mutli-leg options strategy
Throughout this course you will discover how to:

  • Set up Ratio and Backratio spreads for exponential growth
  • Evaluate the date of expiration for each leg of a multi-leg strategy to allow for peak performance of your strategies
  • Explore the greeks at a deeper level
  • Respond to the social, cultural, and political issues of their time through works of art
  • Manage risk and failing strategies

Suzanne Manar Noukahoua

Mother, Author, Options Trader, Entrepreneur
Suzanne Manar Noukahoua is a Syrian-American legal advisor, options trader, kids’ clothing line creator and author based in Koblenz, Germany. Suzanne spent her life traveling the world, studying multiple languages, and nurturing a vibrant career as a researcher and legal advisor. 

Course reviews

I thought I understood the Greeks enough in relation to options trading. Suzanne’s lesson on the Greeks showed how individually they may seem simple but how working together makes them more complex. Understanding this complexity has allowed me to discern option contract strike and pricing no matter what options strategy I may be using. Thank you Suzanne!
Speakeasy Member
I had a lot of light bulbs go off today ... this was super informative and I’m looking forward to watching the replay. I took good notes, but… there was A LOT!
Speakeasy Member