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Gamma Revisited

Understanding Gamma's effect on the SPX's daily expiration price.
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What you are going to learn

Gamma's Acceleration Drives Options Pricing

Throughout this webinar you will discover how options experts:
  • How the VIX helps us understand if we're Long or Short Gamma
  • How the VIX and Gamma indicate if we're in a Trending or Range Bound Day
  • Determine which strategy will be most effective at start or end of day
  • Find Gamma Ledges for Support and Resistance 

Course reviews

"After joining the first two webinars on Gamma Pinning I was struck by how much I didn't know about the Options Greeks, but going through this webinar it's really coming today."
Trade Speakeasy Visitor
Boston based educator and mother
"I always need my pen and paper to capture all the gems; but ending the webinar and feeling that much more confident about not only estimating where SPX will end the day, but also understanding the mechanics of why was amazing!  I love how far I've come in my trading knowledge."
Trade Speakeasy Butterfly Room Member 
Business Analyst, Oil and Gas Industry