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How Cheryl made 16,000% in 3 Months!

The 3 core strategies Cheryl used to grow her small cash account, 16,000% in just under 3 months. Cheryl uses her account to care provide specialized care for her aging mother.


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April  24


2 Hours



Course reviews

"Unbelievable!  Cheryl, What should I master FIRST?!  It blows me away that inspite of all the pressure you were under, you remained so clear headed and fought to keep at it for your mother's sake.  Bless you"
D. Franklin
"Some of the best information is the simplest.  We sometimes overlook the fundamentals to seek a miracle.  'Don't Let Green Turn Red!' Simple and 100% fact!"

R. Prince
I really enjoyed the class with Cheryl. As a newbie, I'm often intimidated by the language and numbers associated with trading. Cheryl spoke from a place of do-ability, her initial investment amounts were doable for anyone.  Her tips were direct, to the point, and some may say basic (which I needed). So appreciative of the Trade Speakeasy for having her as a guest and showing it's possible to win. Really boosted my confidence.
A. Norris
"It is so encouraging!

Cheryl, Thank you for sharing your authentic experience! It's amazing how compounding your gains can meet your monthly goals, each month even when you have to start each month with a very a small account."

C. Green