Mastering Your Charting for Price Action and Momentum Trading

Our End of Year 8 session, "Charting Mastery," will teach you the structure-to-structure trading.

Wednesdays 8PM EST Live Zooms
November and December 

Throughout this course, you will:

- Discover how charting experts accurately find key support and resistance zones, also considered supply and demand areas.

- Learn how to determine how price action will drive price to the next key level of interest.

- Master how to take advantage of momentum moves with more powerful price responses.

- Be taught how to avoid exiting trades before the culmination of the move and not staying in trades when a clear structural support is missing.

Looking for a Proven Path to Trading Success?

Elevate Your Trading with Charting Mastery

Coach Larry Williams

Cyber Security Expert, Trader, Investor and Life Coach
Williams has over 17 years' experience in Cyber Security, and in 2002 was introduced to the stock market which jump-started his investment career and lead the way to Forex and Futures trading.
Larry and his wife Shontae work closely with their life coaching clients to develop their business development strategies.  By combining Larry's decades of coaching and trading experience, he has successfully trained, coached, and lead others to become more confident in their technical analysis and understanding of market structure and price action for profitable trading.

student reviews

"After attending over 6 months of Larry's live classes, I was convinced as an educator his assertive yet patient style would be a perfect addition for the Trade Speakeasy.  His charting is masterful, and has allowed his students to confidently execute smoother trading from very clear supply and demand zones. "
Suzanne Manar Noukahoua,
Founder of the Trade Speakeasy
"Often as long term traders we can become complacent in our charting, thinking we can just see the moves.  Going back to my work with Larry I've tightened up my charting (again) and I'm already seeing increased profits with tighter enteries and longer holds"

Current Student,
Part Time Trader and Studio Owner